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good food unites people


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Milos restaurant Barriello

Ιn the heart of Trypity, just some steps from the Church of Saint Nikolaos,  at the very old  traditional   square   you discover Milos restaurant Barriello - place, where time stops for enjoying all the flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine.


Warm romantic atmosphere,  the best Greek wine, delicious food, prepared with soul, and the panoramic view of the sea with sunset - what else do you need to have in the best Milos restaurant?

Large selection of wines

Great dinner become complete with good wine!

We have more than 30 different Greek wines and a variety of them from other countries


to our farm

Organic   Local    Fresh

About us

Milos restaurant Barriello is located in Trypiti, in the building with catacombs, which is already more then 150 years!  
But except unique old building and spectacular view we represent also a new vision of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. How and why is happened? 

As everybody knows, Greek cuisine is tasty, healthy, and rich and is not only dishes such as moussaka, Greek salad, souvlaki, meatballs, fried squid and fish.

Our team decided to proof it: we took many forgotten recipes and revived out them in new dishes. This is how Barriello's concept came about - modern creative Greek cuisine based on local organic fresh products grown on its own farm.

We want to show  that Greek cuisine may be different - interesting, creative, outstanding, diverse. Is our big love and  passion and  our team hope we can convey to you that with our dishes!



Panagiotis Loukakis (Takis)

 Takis - creator and owner of the Barriello, inspire, seeker of new ideas.

He travels a lot in search of new tastes, recipes, wines. His job - is his hobby also, so is a biggest passion, love and happiness.

team barriello

Barriello team

The motto of our team is to love what you do and do what you love! All staff are professional, responsible and attentive in every detail. 

We are happy that we create such a  cohesive team, that looks in the same direction in our job.





Tripity 84800

Milos Greece

Working hours

Open from 11.05 for summer season

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